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I am Justin Walton and I formed PLS in 2015 following a long and successful career spent in large accountancy firms and at a global investment business.


I have taken the best and most impactful experiences of my corporate career and turned them into practical, insightful and educational solutions for my clients.


I blend extensive tax expertise with business strategy and financial management to help my clients deliver improved outcomes for themselves and their businesses.


Tax Advice for the Property and related sectors


I work with investors in small property portfolios, other professional services firms looking to offer tax expertise to their clients and large corporates.


My focus is on property investors and developers, family construction firms, infrastructure investors and managers and on project finance transactions.


I support clients on pre-investment reviews, buy/sell decision-making and transactions, diligence, HMRC disputes and ongoing evaluation.


Tax Planning for Small Businesses


Small businesses should tax plan.


By taking tax into account as part of strategic and operational business planning, owners are better equipped to  optimise value, profits and cash for their business and for themselves.


I begin by showing clients the planning they could potentially implement based on their situations.


This quick and inexpensive process is an effective way to build knowledge and start implementing tax planning as part of your everyday business activities.


Developing Small Business Owners


I have blended tax expertise, strategic business thinking and effective financial management to provide a strong and unique offering to my small business clients to help them develop into more successful people and business owners.


Financial Education


My new financial education and support for small businesses is coming soon so watch this space for more details.


In-House Tax Team Development


I help Heads of Tax and their teams get the best from themselves to improve personal and organisational performance and success.




I am a strong believer in effective networking for self-improvement and to create lifelong relationships with people.


I host several events that connect people and nurture relationships and am also available to speak at events.


Contact me if you would like to find out more about any of my services or events.

Our Founder

I formed PLS in 2015 following a long and successful career at KPMG, BDO (Stoy Hayward), MBS and John Laing Group plc.


I also spent three years as a Non-Executive Director of a small facilities management business and more than 10 years as a senior school governor with oversight on strategy, finance, premises and people.


I love the way my life has transitioned from being in the corporate world to running my own consultancy business.   I enjoy looking for and acting on connections I see and alongside running PLS I also co-founded a business network and have an active interest in property investment.


Professional expertise is key to quality service.  I am a Chartered Tax Advisor, a Member of the Association of Taxation Technicians, a Member of The Institute of Leadership and Management and a Member of Institute of Directors.   These are all prestigious bodies and demonstrate the importance I place on how I operate and the level of service you should expect from me.


I advocate self-learning and developing from experience and this combination of formal education with a curious mind places me in an excellent position to empathise with and be solution-focussed for my clients.


As a business owner and property investor myself, I am in a great position to empathise with my clients and be solution-focussed.



Networking with peers in other businesses is a great way to stay connected, share insights and learn from each other.


By its nature, networking is relationship based and building a strong network of relationships with people stands us in good stead for a lifetime.


It is also a low-key, low-cost, high value way to understand how others have taken opportunities and what practical steps they have taken to solve the problems you are now experiencing.


I am building the following networks.


In-House Tax Team Virtual Community


I am the Founder of the In-House Tax Team Virtual Community.


If you would like to attend my events and benefit from being part of the community, please click here to register.


Infinite Networking


I am a co-founder of Infinite Networking which launches soon.


The Squash Club Business Network


I am a co-founder of The Squash Club Business Network.   We use squash to connect people.


Alternatively, please contact me for more details about my events.



Speaking events


If you would like me to speak at one of your events, contact me

Tax planning for small businesses

Small businesses should tax plan.  Effective tax planning means that taxes paid should align with personal and business goals.  When the alignment is weak or missing, businesses run the risk of paying the wrong tax.


Tax planning is about diagnosing and solving business problems that exist already or may exist in the future in a tax efficient way.


I use a 4-step process to help my small business clients to tax plan.


This process begins with a short online diagnostic call which I use to SHOW my clients how tax planning can help their business.  If the SHOW step identifies benefits, I work more closely with clients to help them realise those benefits.


Please contact me to arrange your SHOW call

Financial education for small business owners

I have exciting plans to help business owners improve their financial education and skills.


Watch this space…


Contact me if you would like to be included on my mailing list when I launch

Tax advice for the property and related sectors

Built on more than 20 years advising in the sector, I advise property investors and developers, construction firms, infrastructure investors and managers and on project finance transactions.


My focus is goals-related and often begins with listening, diagnosing then identifying solutions before helping my clients to implement those solutions and manage their businesses where required.


My advice typically covers support on pre-investment decisions, strategic planning, structuring and reorganisations, buy/sell decisions and transactions, diligence and HMRC disputes.


I work with clients including investors with small property portfolios, family construction firms, other professional services firms and FTSE-listed businesses.


Contact me if you would like to discuss your situation

In-House Tax Team Development

I provide experienced-based, support and inspiration to Heads of Tax and their team members to help them gain clarity, work more holistically and be better people.


My unique and independent approach is person-centric which means I can offer insight that is objective and practical solutions that my clients can easily implement.


I love working with people that want to consider alternative ways of working, accept the bigger picture and see self-improvement as a means to organisational change and life and career success.


Contact me if you would like to explore this further

Developing small business owners

I am a member of the Institute of Leadership & Management and I use my experience to help owners of small businesses make their businesses more successful.


I have worked for several large organisations including on change programmes and more recently have been running my own businesses.   I spent three years as a Non-Executive Director of a small housing and facilities management business and more than 10 years as a School Governor with specific focus on strategy, finances, premises and people.


I love understanding my clients’ dreams, aspirations, passions and business and life goals and use these as the focus for more effective business planning and financial management.


The first step is usually the hardest, so please contact me now to arrange your first consultation session.

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