“Your considered approach and valuable experience has aided team direction, confidence and motivation"

We provide mentoring to in-house tax staff, allowing them to develop their tax leadership roles.

We work with:

Heads of Tax

We provide tax leadership support, mentoring and coaching and collaborative solutions to help leaders advance their roles and those of their teams.  We provide an independence that is hard to replicate with in-house provision and to get from the usual advisor base in a structured way without hitting risk and independence hurdles

Rising Stars

We work closely with the rising stars in your tax team to provide unbiased insight into what the top job takes, how they will walk the walk and to be their critical friend away from work

Greenfield Roles

For first-time tax departments in organisations we help them adopt best practice, support them in testing and measuring their way to success and provide valuable insight based on a proven track record of what works in-house

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"Justin is a trusted advisor to me on all matters relating to tax team development. Whilst at Next I've used his skills to coach a senior member of my team and for specific and targeted development. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this approach and to use Justin's wide- ranging knowledge again."



"It has been a very informative and thought-provoking process and for me particularly, a safe space to express and formulate my thoughts."



“Given the fledgling nature of our team and your successful history in the tax profession, the opportunity to have you as an independent sounding board to the senior management team was a very attractive proposition. You have succeeded in this regard. Through careful listening to our objectives and concerns for the team you have challenged assumptions whilst remaining pragmatic. Your considered approach and valuable experience have aided team direction, bringing an additional layer of confidence to strategic decisions, whilst motivating the team to deliver its wider aspirations.”



“I have known Justin for more than 20 years and he has been a client of mine for eight years. I like the way that Justin works with his advisors - he treats them as service providers not as suppliers of products and therefore tends to buy on a relationship basis. This means he gets the service he wants, advice that is fit for purpose and he pays the right price. In my experience, he effectively handles a complex mix of international and domestic advisory and tax compliance and reporting whilst ensuring that stakeholders are kept up to speed on key matters. Justin also leads effective teams. I would recommend Justin to businesses looking for senior level tax support confident in the knowledge that his personal approach would bring positive results for them."

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