What's included

We are leading the way among tax advisory firms providing practical, useful and valuable information to you through our mobile App. 

You will no longer waste time searching the internet or contacting HMRC or advisors for important but basic tax information.  Instead you can use our App for tax calculations, assumptions and information that is all in one place on your smartphone or tablet.

As well as being packed full of real-time practical tax help, our App also includes useful business tools such as a Receipt Manager, a Mileage Tracker and a Document Scanner.  

Contact us using the Chat Box or email us on info@plstax.co.uk to subscribe for this service at £10 per month.  It is that simple.

What will our App do for you or your business?

Our App has been carefully designed to provide users with key tax information and data in one place, giving you one version of the truth.

Tax calculators

Run your own real-time tax calculations to help with your business or personal tax budgeting and forecasting.   Includes calculations such as estimating your post-tax payslip, helping you compare taking dividends and salary from your company, and forecasting your tax liabilities including those from forecast profit increases, all at your fingertips. 

It means you can then seek tax advice, should you wish to, from a position of knowledge of the potential tax calculations

Tax Tables and Key Tax Data

Have up to date details on many tax rates and allowances, car and fuel benefits, pensions, tax-efficient investment and savings options all in one place in your App

Important Tax Dates

Keep all those key tax filing and payment dates under review through the key dates feature so you can build them into your business planning and monitoring

Keep all receipts together using the Receipt Manager

You can use the App to track your receipts and expenses literally at the touch of a button which should save you time hunting for them at tax return time

Keep track of business mileage using the Mileage Tracker 

When it comes to mileage tracking, half the battle is keeping an accurate tab on your journeys. Use the built-in GPS on your device to automatically help you to track mileage so you can record your business trips at the touch of a button

Keeping updated on key tax changes with ‘Push Notifications’

We keep you up to date on important developments through our Message Centre.  Using push notifications you will be able to see key developments as they happen helping you ask for advice early to help you plan for the impact of key tax changes on you or your business

...and more

Our App contains a wealth of functionality to help you keep on top of your taxes

All of this functionality is just £10 per month.  To subscribe now, contact us using the ChatBox or email us on info@plstax.co.uk so we can get you set up.