Specialist advice for the property and related sectors


I advise the property and related sectors from a position of personal experience advising for global accountancy firms,  being Group Head of Tax at a global investor and from building my own private portfolio.


This means my advice is experience-led and specialist and I am uniquely placed to help my clients succeed.


Property Investors and Developers


Whether you have a small property portfolio or something much bigger, property tax advice and planning begins with understanding your personal and business vision, objectives and strategy.  Understanding this and aligning your tax planning means you are much better placed to maximise post-tax capital growth and ongoing post-tax yields.


I am especially keen to work with Residential Property Investors looking for investor advisory services with focus on better financial management and goals-based tax advice.


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Family Construction Firms


It is common to see multi-generational construction firms in the UK.  They not only have the everyday concerns of getting tax right for the business and its people but also for ensuring the family as a whole is safeguarded.  Our role includes helping ensure Employer Compliance with HMRC for the people working in the business through to advising on effective business structuring and M&A activity.


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Infrastructure Investors and Managers


I spent 7 years at KPMG and 10 years at John Laing Group advising infrastructure investors and managers on tax structuring and compliance and on transactions.  I took a leading role in introducing the concept of 'composite trader' status for taxing UK infrastructure projects and of helping HM Treasury to identify future tax revenues from large scale infrastructure projects.  I led the tax advisory and structuring work on the IPOs of the John Laing Infrastructure Funds and John Laing Environmental Assets Group and of John Laing Group plc.  I took a leading role in developing the tax strategy at John Laing, supporting the global expansion of the group and managing its global tax compliance obligations.


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Project Finance Transactions


I have advised on structuring, M&A and operational taxes in project finance transactions for many years working closely with corporate finance, financial modellers, accountants, lawyers, technical specialists and other key stakeholders in delivering greenfield and secondary project finance transactions.  PLS has acted as a Virtual Tax Partner to other professional services firms on major transactions.


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“I would strongly recommend Justin. I worked with Justin and his team for over 5 years in his former role as Head of Tax for John Laing plc. During that time, I found him to be professional, insightful, commercial, knowledgeable on complex domestic and international tax matters, credible and enjoyable to deal with"


“Thank you for helping me with HMRC. I was really worried about where this was going but you’ve got me to a great position.”


“It is comforting to speak with a tax person that presents difficult tax issues in everyday language and works to get to the best answer commercially.”


“I thought you would be interested to see the attached from HMRC confirming the closure of the … enquiry. The potential cash tax exposure after using losses was … so this is a great (and the correct) result! Thanks for your help over the years.”


“Your advice was appropriate and what we followed in the end on our transaction.”


"Justin has supported our company on a number of buyside bid transactions to supplement our own financial advisory/modelling capabilities. His advice was very helpful and picked up on the big issues rather than box ticking routine tax matters. He was able to articulate sometimes complex tax matters in a simple, easy to understand way and communicate to us and the ultimate client in purposeful way. Importantly PLS was easy to work with and to date we have a 100% record of success with our client so hopefully will work with PLS on many future transactions."


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