This is for you if you already have a property portfolio or are planning to build one


You are probably planning to or already invest in property to generate income and/or capital growth for yourself, for others or for both. 


Unfortunately, many investors leave money on the table by not actively managing the total post-tax financial performance of their portfolios on a real-time basis.


This means:


Clear goal-setting, portfolio business planning and ongoing measurement of actual total performance against goals;


Setting up portfolio structure, systems and operational performance management optimally from the outset;


Regular and real-time financial monitoring and control to manage total post-tax performance and making adjustments when needed;


Dealing with ongoing financial management and control effectively and in a time-saving way;


Reviewing portfolio structure and tax during key portfolio lifecycle stages – set-up, buying, operating and disposing;


Taking steps to improve performance management in a systematic way; and


Assessing the total financial impact of changes in the portfolio before they happen and continual monitoring and active decision-making throughout ownership.


Investor’s circumstances change too.  Personal, financial, economic and political changes can have key implications on the total post-tax financial performance of your property portfolio.   Not actively monitoring the financial performance of your portfolio can have a significant impact on you achieving your goals.


The thing is, we invest in property for a purpose.  For some of you it is to create income or additional income to live a better life today while for others it is to realise capital growth and increased wealth to live a better life tomorrow.  Some will look to optimise between the two scenarios or for other scenarios completely.  Post-tax financial performance looks quite different depending on what you want to achieve so ignoring performance should not be an option for you. 


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