Building a robust tax planning strategy - small and medium businesses and individuals

Tax planning is a concept that is often misunderstood.  When you undertake tax planning, you should be looking to make sure you or your business pay the right tax through making the best use of all available allowances, deductions, exemptions, reliefs and exclusions to which you are entitled under tax law.  We help our clients by going through their own plans with them and helping them make decisions, including on tax, to realise the savings they are entitled to.

We adopt a four-step process with our clients - Show, Tell, Act, Advice.  Some clients get everything they need from us after the Show step.  Others will go through each of the four steps.  Our stepped approach means our clients are in control of the agenda, the timing and the fees they pay for the service they receive from us.  Our role is to help clients as much or as little as they need with their tax planning.

We deliver the Show step remotely and it takes approximately one hour with a client to gather the information we need and we issue our report shortly afterwards.  Once you have read our report we agree with you whether we move to the Tell step or not. 

For a company the Show step is comprehensive and covers tax planning ideas in areas including Director and employee tax incentives, tax efficient capital investments (e.g property, business and other assets), tax efficient disposals of capital assets (e.g. property, business, etc.), early planning and red-flag warning signs for a business sale, cessation or shareholder exit, tax-efficient succession and retirement planning, tax efficient business structuring, optimising tax reliefs of day-to-day trading, key aspects of international business, VAT and handling HMRC.

For an individual (which includes directors, shareholders, employees and pensioners), the Show step is also comprehensive including tax planning ideas in areas covering income taxes, tax-efficient reward, tax efficient profit extraction, land and property taxation (including property investment and main residence), inheritance tax, pensions, investments, international matters and handling HMRC. 

Our fee for the comprehensive Show step is £350 (+VAT) per company or individual.

"We found the Tax Plan for our business extremely useful and thought provoking"

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